Dope; My Master.

You are the beast that has slowly stolen my soul. 

Your grip seems impossible to get out of. 

Lying to myself that everything is under control 

The poison injected in my veins all that I love. 

Death whispering empty promises of painless bliss 

A constant cycle of repenting and sin, wash and repeat. 

Sins from the past that I can't ever dismiss. 

Amends that will be left forever incomplete. 

I am an accumulation of every wrong turn and hasty decision.   

I learned to survive the only way I knew how. 

A battle rages within, days spent in constant indecision. 

I just couldn't learn to cope with the here and now. 

Drugs create an illusion of happiness and a haze of reality. 

Nothing was as it seemed while addiction remained a selfish cunt. 

I would come to test once again my own mortality. 

Heading at full speed towards my death, sure to be blunt. 


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