' 'fear' 'love' 'happiness'

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At seven years old, taller than the rest. Quiet, shy, obedient, I look into the mirror and see, The eczema dripping on my skin,
dear self: accept who you are for you. be confiendent and strive to love yourself even at your weakest moments, love your flaws and imperfections more.
They say patience is a virtue. They say loneliness is a loss. They say love is forever. Don't forget to floss.
Touched By an Angel   I, looked for happiness in the wrong places Walked away from the playful laughter and hid in a cocoon from myself
Is that what I perceive or is it just a matter of imagination ?Is that what my soul and the pound in my chest representsz?I am just a representation of myself in different colors created by my thoughts.
I'm silent but there's noises all around me Slients is my super power Slients is the mask i put on to hide my true self Slients is the presence i carry, the burden on my shoulder Slients is the heavyness in my heart
You’re not one to smile with praise, So I settle for your melancholy gaze.   It’s through your ocean eyes I wade, but as the years go on they seem to fade.  
     you were a red rose blind by beauty reaching for    you were razor thorns 
Having you in my eyes makes me feel like smiling. I would turn my head left and right just to see your face. And when I cannot see you, I am put in an undesirable place.         
March The time of breeze Breeze that carries the love with its winds Breeze that reassures   March It was yesterday that sparked a light The light of march that brings hope
The yells echoing from the very thin walls of our house. The scream of a frightened child as she watched her father kick what seems like the only thing she had left from her mom. The mom who she hasn’t seen in months.
How can the absence of this band represent my life? Now it is so easy to throw Loud is each blow Somehow they are so low Now I tremble and kneel slow Somehow within it feels like a ridgid knife
today I sit & daze out my window having no regrets sowed seeds of honesty in humble brevity the words start to get heavy yeah it ain’t easy feeling needy
She walks, happy. She talks, happy. She breathes. She lives. She survives. She burns, Aches even, But nothing can change the way she feels somedays, not even iron man, but she does.
Why am I so numb? Should I cry...or rejoice? I can decide or choose? I love whom I love, but... I can't find a place for me anywhere except by his side. Time. Has stopped for me.
Dear Beloved, The snow falls quietly, leaving a blank canvas Crumbling beneath the touch of our soles Was it you? She who warmed the Earth With her soft smile, melting the coldest of hearts
My Lover,  It all started  with a promise                            A promise, a wish                           a dream, a thought   this all started with a promise  
I want to grown in a family home With a full living space In a kid friendly neighbor Where the saying love the’ neighbor Is possible I want to be surround by nature And watch seasons change
feeling alone in my thoughts today made me think of Kinkade in how is art work reflected his inner vision alone again I sit in my thoughts to the degree of questioning filter through the reasoning amidst the seasons
We're all people. All equal. We began the prequel and will end it with a sequel. See you've built this castle of loneliness to barricade the happiness you seek to have.
Dear Future, As I look onto you, fear installs It often fills my eyelids Sometimes I wonder if I’ll fall   You’re the only one that can lift it The empty shell I call a body
Dear you, I am an awfully clumsy person and Once I start to fall I keep falling without the will to stop. I keep falling until
I am a wounded a warrior. Afraid to fall in love again. There's a gaping hole where a heart should be. It was ripped out during battle in October. I suffer from injuries fear of embarrasment and attachment.
I find myself sipping bitter coffee In the same shop I sat in In a different season In a different state of mind. Because, as the chairs in here rearranged themselves, As sippers came and went,
The walls of concrete,Hides the voices of anger,Sadness,Love,And pain;
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