Don't Be Conformed...(Romans 12:2)


Step outside yourself for a moment, look at yourself in a different light. Not just any light, but with the Light of Christ.
He sees us in a way that not even the natural mind can fathom, understand, or comprehend. Ask yourself this, who and what we conform to in the end?
For one don't be conformed to the deceit and lies of this world, there's only spiritual death in this world. But in order to embody the body of Christ, you must rest on the Life in His Living Word. We live in a world where women seek their identity in society's "picture frame" aka the enemy's description of them.
We live in a world where men seek their identity of being a "real man" in money and fame, which only catches the attention of a Jezebel-spirited dame.
We pity these men that get caught up in the dark by satan's veil of lies, when all they really needed was God's perfect Love to show them the light.
We pity these women who seek that "fairytale love" in a man that only loves himself and life's cheap thrills, and she loses the sense of her own wealth instead of trying to seek for God's purpose for her life and His Perfect Will. As women we are priceless gems in God's eyes, but those same eyes shed tears when He sees us conform to selfish pride. I WAS one of those women, who lacked identity and the knowledge of my self- worth.
I allowed myself to give a man my most precious gift, my purity, only because I thought he truly loved and valued me. It finally hit me that "so-called love" I was feeling was actually lust. My flesh craved it, it craved his attention, at least the little I received.
Only living in complete denial and misery...actually thinking and trying to convince myself I was his one and only, thinking that he was the only guy that would ever see something special in me. I was blinded by a mirage of fools' gold, a delusional illusion of my own self-hatred, I thought....might as well end it....end it all.
My own life I contemplated to take, but my soul cried out..."Jesus save me now, how much longer must I wait?!". Longing for love that would satisfy me, all I really wanted was to be set free. Free from the bondage of my past, all I really needed was a Savior to heal my heart, a heart that was broken like shattered pieces of glass. In the depths of my mess I was completely submerged in, I had a message that needed to be heard, whether it be my inner circle or the whole world....
I felt like an abandoned child scared and lost, I allowed Satan to toy with my soul but at what cost? The Bible tells us the wages of sin is death right? So why not trade that downward spiral you're living in, when you have the gift of Grace and Eternal Life?!
Seeking for my Savior to set me free from mental slavery, I searched high and low but instead I wanted to escape with an imitation "high" when I felt low.
When the smoke clouds faded away, I was brought back down to earth, only this time I was even lower, lower than I've ever been before.
The only beauty that came from my pain and in the midst of my stormy rain, was my Heavenly Father. He was there with me the whole time comforting me, His precious gem, His daughter. He had and still has mercy, even when we're being preyed on, He still hears and answers prayers of loved ones. The enemy wants us to conform, perish, and have power over us, but he forgot one thing, our Powerful, Mighty, and Glorious King Of Kings, Jesus Christ.
Don't be conformed to this world, it's not worth losing your salvation, your soul, and your relationship with Christ. Walking in my purpose as a young woman of God, gives me great joy that can't even be described. Allowing God to send me my soulmate, I know it will be a roller-coaster journey, but it will be worth the wait.
I finally love me for me, the same way my Heavenly Father loves me, he was the love I was so desperately searching for, those nights I was crying on my knees looking for more. When the love of Christ pours out on you, you feel completely brand new and faithfully waiting for whatever else He has in store for you.
You may feel like your situation is never changing, trust me it will, only if your willing,
there may be pain in the night, but joy comes in the morning! Keep your head up and believe in you....there could only be one YOU.


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