Distant Laugh

Fri, 04/12/2013 - 20:34 -- tinayip


United States
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Sang you “Baby” by J.B
Maniacal as the American Idol contestant
With the most effrontery, yet
Never made it past the auditions

The face of an idiot mimicked
Eyes rolled together
Tongue so close to my nose that
I can sniff the residue of my orange-flavored gum
You gifted me that last week
Far away at a time when I couldn't laugh

Last week, your laugh
My panda hat barely covering your widow’s peak
My pink tank top popping at your belly
My striped pink and blue bra
Transformed to sunglasses
My usual smile
Rejuvenated to zany, insane laughter

So my last resort
To turn that frown upside down
Is to hope that you could feel through the distance
My fifty kisses
Double the hugs
Puppy eyes gleaming
For extra luck

When a husky chuckle
Came to my salvation
Reminded me that distance
Is not a barrier
Love is always the cure
For a boyfriend who can’t laugh



Dedicated to my boyfriend Zeke in North Carolina.

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