For a Devious Friend

This is for you

for turning your back on me

for taking what belongs to me

and place it under someone else’s feet

in a plate of gold.

This is for you
for causing me more pain
than I could possibly bear
and for abandoning me in a time of distress.

This is for you
for your empty promising words
for your cold heart
for your selfish soul.

This is for you
for making me feel so happy
and so sad at the same time
and for taking me to the depths of the sea
and leaving me isolated there.

This is for you
for making me believe I deserved it all
and no one could stop me
from being myself
and then destroying my soul
into indefinite painful pieces.

This is for you
to tell you that I am alright
that I do not need you
that I am happy
that I win
that I realized you are not so good after all
that you are fake
that you are not worth it
that you were never my friend!

This is for you… my devious friend.

by Teteoinnan ~ August 14, 2016

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