schizophrenia / delusions

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My name is Noor. When I was 5 years old, I asked my mother: What does my name mean? Her answer was the same as God's answer when a 5 year old Lucifer asked Him "What does my name mean?"
Inner most feelings leave me in an unbalanced statecomplex schizophrenia causes emotional self hateinnate past delusions not learned from harsh reality i sustainemotional hell i endure of psychosis and paranoia to remain
I can inform, enlighten, give an idea But cant explain how my reality can become so severe  Yes you know I hear voices and I never can feel safe But you will never know truly what my mind can create
Sick of paranoia tired of absurd thoughtsConstant grind hearing things assumptions being distraughtIf its not derogatory voices talking constantly about meRandom thought will make me act quite obsessively
Everywhere. Everyone. They're always following me, never can get enough. Streets, buildings, cars. People. There they are. They talk about me. They dream about me. They love me.
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