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Dear, Worried Senior Applying To College, Going to college isn’t a requirement  Going to college is most definitely a privilege  Going to college is a privilege I believe all Kids Should partake in
I am drowning amidst a sea of inquiry. What's catch me off guard, disrupting my central balance. Where's make my head resemble a carousel, spinning round and round.
Some days I wake up wishing I was still asleep Hoping that it's all just a dream Stress envelops me like a newborn in mom's arms And it slowly whispers its promise to me 'Till Death Do Us Part
I am filled with lost hopes and dreams and confusing words, lines, pages what does this mean? I'm still in the process of adding words still trying to figure out this thing called "Life" 
I'm sorry you had to come in the world this way
From day one I've had goals Goals thought to be immposible  even by myself Some I have acheived Others i've yet to even percieve   Along with these aspirations I've come along a great deal of stress
Responsibility is just more stress. Carefree lives replaced with obligations, As life passes we all look for success.
College is coming up like the stuff that bubbles up From volcanoes in places I've never been to Will I like it? Will it be good? I'm kind of scared.
Feels like a burden Changes of this kind are good Then comes the goodbyes
Is it normal to dread the final day of my high school existence? Is it normal to be intimidated not excited by my approaching college enrollment? For twelve years I have focused completely on my goal of a college education.
The student prepares for college Searching for a school with a perfect fit The journey has already started leaving his parents, the boy becomes a man Click, click goes the mouse on the computer
Transitions are hard from many schools I am barred. Money always is a struggle but at least I stay out of trouble. I wish I had my first pick then financing wouldn't make me sick.
My last year, I made it or so I thought Statistics say college is the only way But what if I can’t afford it Scholarships? I probably won’t get any I mean I’m smart, but there’s always someone smarter
Going to college is what's important to meDon't worry about anyone elseI'm not worried about anybody elsebecause I only care about meI don't want to be nothing that I know I don't want to be
First day, not so bad Went to class and went home to tell mom and dad Weeks went by and things stayed the same I was starting to feel so empty I missed high school and my friends
(poems go here) The will of the world seems to tug and pull. The heart and the family plea and beg for you to go to college but no one knows the effort you need to put it together.
I've been at this for more than ten months, Vying and trying for my chance, At a little cash to help pay my way, So my parents can stop this dance.
Head about to burst, Stomach knotted like a bow, Applications mailed.
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