1st world problems

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Staring at the world map long Enough to notice how the Pieces fit together perfectly Not a fresh hot mess Kind of like my mind fragments Except they don't fit at all And my memory fails me
Oh say can you see  By the dawn’s early light Narcissism and bureaucracy Have distorted our sight   Oh say can you see Our criminal justice system favors the rich
"Hearts entangled, between the sheets Sheets of musical score as if no goalie we freely proceed to create Passing passions participating in the same games Right place, right times, We collide.
Extraordinary isn't birthed by the privileged.
What I would do to see you smile again-
*/ /*-->*/ The sun never sets, neither does it rise
There's snot in my nose And a pounding in my head. I don't wanna be at school. I'd much rather be in BED. Teacher, quit your talking, guys, just please shut up! I want my fuzzy blanket,
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