2014 equality lgbt

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Mom dad I need to tell you something  I am a bi...cycle ya a bicycle
For so long I have been taught,  these morals and told these stories. 
They say that its wrong To love another woman To kiss her To hold her as if i were a man They say that's its wrong To call myself "gay" To dress like a boy To prefer hats and haircuts
Seeing their child hanging from handle bars is every parent's dream, but seeing them hanging by a noose is the fate that I deem will happen to those whose dream is to be set free.
Years of silence, many lives gone, they felt alone and weak so they decided to leave, they were waiting for help and the strength to go on, when they couldn't find it they died leaving families to grieve.  
I saw him staring out the wind
In life we're taught to be ourselves. As toddlers we're used to to hearing, "Oh, honey, you can be whatever you want to be." Now, it seems like those words were a plastered lie. Turning into young adults, we start to see the world's true colors.
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