Deep In Envious Sleep, I Heard You Gave The World A Brand New Voice

Humbled into
a simple speck of star,


basking in the glow
of a girl with a galaxy wide smile,


a face most beautiful,
with eyes that drag you underneath the waves
like a prehistoric predator.


Tears of bliss rise like mammoth cave crystals,
shimmering with otherworldliness.


Her divine voice,
echoing with infinite devotion
across the wind-whipped landscape,


how it caresses this strange boy,
a jumble of idiosyncratic passion and dreams,
fallible and vulnerable and human.


Is art enough to elucidate
the paradoxical masterpiece
of her tender eyes and rambunctious spirit?


Can words express the joy
that showers down like a psychedelic monsoon rain?


Renew the universe,
vivacious dream dancer,
taste the color of magic,
spit it onto the canvas
like you’re hunting death itself,
battling soulward just to have a chance
to toss your hair to one side and say a seductive hello.


A heart that smiles ear to ear,
a poledancer of the soul,
a beautiful astonishing carnage
on fire on the edge of the universe
as I follow your trail of heartbeats
into the poignant silhouette of your unforgettable face,
billowing in the breeze of dreamland.


Lip-whisper words in your sleep,
eyes darting frantically underneath,
unconscious splendor, majesty of imagery,
ostentatious children rushing out
of the womb of your mind too soon,
a misfit army raining down upon existence
like an ancient table of oak and stone
dropped on bare toes.


Where we smile,
we speak


my most
malleable muse


though your shine ripples
with the intensity of sapphire


like clay,
you can become
anything at all.


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