death from a lover

Oh why dont you love me
h why dont you look at me
like you used to look at her
like you used to smile at her

They say its never ruined
they say its never ruined
the bond between the life and death
they say its never ruined

So why do you
who are alive
do not look at me
who's dead inside?

I'm as dead as she is
I feel more of a memory than she is
to you
but you still do not shine
you still do not shine when i look at you

I want to die
i want to die
so maybe then ill catch your eyes
i do not care what you feel
at least it was a feel for me

If i just go out now
if i just go out now from your life
would i be in you too
would i maybe dethrone
the one who plagues your mind?

But i can only dream
i can only sigh,
because fate makes no mistakes
and we clearly are no right.

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