From Death to Life

Thu, 01/16/2014 - 21:58 -- lrosado

There is a vast ocean,

which engulfs every aspect of existence.

It submerges life,

under its path like a pestilence.

It has been present since the fall,

none can escape its wrath,

the flood has  awakened.


Underwater its victims lie,

almost breathless.

With no hope in the abyss,

their souls empty.

Their bodies lay numb,

who can save them?


The earth trembles as it remembers,

all that had previously been present.

It sighs at the realization,

what was the cause of this wreckage?

Its heart grows weary,

yet redemption has not left it.


The sun's rays begin to kindle,

their warmth penetrates the surface.

The  cumulonimbus clouds,

now forced to evanesce.

The waters recede,

sipping into the earth's layers.

The bodies,

filled with the sun's tenderness.

Surrounded by light,

they revive and gain everlasting life.


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