Death of a Killer

After you destroyed me

I wanted to cut off your hands

Rip your fingers to shreds

Tear your lips off of your face

Gouge your blue eyes from their sockets

Slice your legs to bits


I wonder if they have found your body yet

Buried deep down in that graveyard of memories

Your body decays from nature

With no nurture like you gave me

Only one fatal wound

Where I extracted your heart

With my own mouth


I question what would have happened

If I had let you live

Would you have been silvered tongued

As you were before

Would you still be trying to sell my soul

To the devil- yourself

Or would you be keeping my heart

In your own Pandora's box


Since I've disposed of you

I have become stronger

I grow confident

From the screams of hateful things you called me

Your voice faded to nothing

Just as your corpse is

The nightmares that haunted me 

Have vanished into peaceful sleep

My insecurities of being caught fade away

With each day I get away with your murder

With your death

I have been reborn

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