Day Dream


Gone with the wind, he takes himself higher and higher

inhibiting the draft from distracting his focus

to analyze the growls and yells of the upbeat ferocious noise consuming him alive

power at the the ready, at the hands of a young man he has no plans

to fail, flail, and bail.

Lost at the sign of the beauty of nature and human instinct

distinctive enough that he wishes he was better

Images flash inside his head, colors of a new world order pass right by him, but he chooses to stare at this temporary beauty

He questions why and how, hoping to one day be his dream so he could look up to himself and say “ Mom, I’m no failure”

Stuck in a wormhole of bold souls, he is surrounded by colors, but he is so cold

There will be no show tonight, just a performance by a dreamer and a screamer he hopes he’s alright

It’s an era of change, the ninth time he has said that tonight

Quick and embarrassed, he runs home to hide in his room from reality and waste away at his own pace while blurring his mind and distorting his time with visual stimulations.

Destructive incarnation affirming the existence of a being so great and powerful, it makes him sleep at night

Coming home to the smell of spices, he remembers his culture and stands strong in his dining room he is proud of who he is

While the bright lights shine in and the crowd cheers while crying their hearts out

While the soldiers point their guns and shoot and fireworks decorate the sky

While the youth corrupt themselves and mosh to the rhythm of violence

While the deli man makes the bagel and the halal guys cook the food

While all of this is happening there is a rising figure in the distance

Forget about the past, they are cleansed from their imperfections and misdirections

There stands a pure beast made of all black cotton wrapped in hot steamy rice

Underneath the influence, fluent in a language unknown to mankind

He stands at the crossroads of life and given an option and a price

Wanting to fit in, but also being the light

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