Darling Darling

Darling Darling
You are not okay
Your eyes are wet
And your wrists are stained
Darling Darling
You are not alone
These thoughts are not yours
You don't have to go home
Darling Darling
You can run away
Not to danger
But a place to stay
Darling Darling
Don't you see
You don't need to go
You're safe here with me 
Darling Darling
Don't you say it
We won't be better off
We won't celebrate it
Darling Darling
Don't you cry
I know it's hard
So just close your eyes
Darling Darling
I'm right here now
I will love you
I think I know how
Darling Darling
You're alright
Look at you
Living another night
Darling Darling 
You're not dead
I'm so proud
Now rest your head
Darling Darling
Look at the time
You're fast asleep
And you'll be just fine
Darling Darling
I wish you'd see
I love you
Just as you love me


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