Dark Boy?

He started with her legs.
Rising up like the sun before 7AM 
Setting over his shoulders right before the sixth hour hit
He took his head downtown and began his art as if he was telling her that he loved her canvas and he meant it
He moved his hands from her thighs to her waist and he clenched it as if he was holding the gun of a white cop and a black man ask him for directions 
That tight. She told him if he wants her he’d better act right. 
So he did it again and again, dancing all over her like he was a celebrity that hit their wits end and decided to dance with the stars because they refused to give in 
He was twirling and sliding she must have been having lots a fun because he then started gliding as he slowly took his dancing to the second floor because now he was very sure that there was no more hiding 
His intentions were to make this girl crown her Mother Nature of his world after a while she became so inviting
He moonwalks and two steps all around her belly until he finally reaches her neck and they start grinding
Like one of steph currys shots he was in she was just as lost as nemo was with his Lucky fin
It was all new to her she wasn’t in her right mind it was all about there and then 
She asked him “Dark boy, What are you doing to me so lovely?”
He said that he was painting her happy with his sin.

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