adult sexual dark transgressive explicit fantasy

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On this chilled night, aPale entity, seeks revenge,For these two Wizards,Who practice necromancy,Rose it, from eternal rest
As intense, pleasuredScreams, pulsate through darkness, ofThese hellish cavernsShe conspires with this demon,In a most unholy way
He started with her legs.
Rising up like the sun before 7AM 
Setting over his shoulders right before the sixth hour hit
He took his head downtown and began his art as if he was telling her that he loved her canvas and he meant it
He moved his hand
how sweet your desire to pleasetrumping the desire to live.I will take all of yousuck my cock
Baby Babydo the dancesway your hipsand take the lance bleed so prettyyour hands i tielick your asswhile you die open your legskiss you my loveopen your bellythe knife i shove
i love you babyi know you love the knifelet me hurt you babyll take your sweet life ill do it slowwith caresses and kissesand crushing suffocationsand horror gasum blisses
 I am sure i would kiss your feetid kiss every toeand you'd think im sweet
 im from the creepy creep showwhere every body diesits a bloody sexy partyand no one ever cries every ones in lovesacrifice is funbiting off your pretty toesis just where we've begun
we met oncea brief exchange are you a confection?
oh my darlingi eat your bellyi love it soit taste like jelly you suck my cockit feels so goodi eat your asslike i should
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