Daddy's Angle


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Some odd years back there is ten year old girl staring at her daddy’s picture and it is hard for to believe that he won’t be coming back
Now as she looks back on all the memories that they have had and a tear falls from her eye
She knows that he won’t be there to see when she learns to drive
He won’t be there when she is walking down that aiel to meet the man she loves he won’t be there to give her away
He won’t be there when she is in the hospital holding her new born child
As the days turn into years she has come to understand that everything is going to be ok
Though her daddy is dancing and singing with the angles tonight she knows that he can still find time to watch her from the holes in the sky
He watches her life go by, he watches her create those special memories wishing he could be right there to lead her and guide her
Despite the situation of separation they both know in their hearts that they are going to meet again, and he is keeping her safe until then
Some odd years back there is a ten year old girl trying to understand life and death wanting to see her daddy again.

I give you this one thought to keep I am still with you do not weep.
I am the wind.
I am the diamond glint on the snow. I am the sunlight in your hair.
I am the gentle spring rain.
When you wake in the mornings hush I am the swift uplifting song of the birds.
I am the soft shining stars at night.
Do not think of me as gone I am still with you ach new dawn.
I will never leave your side.
I will be there always though all the pain and sorrow and all the happy times.
Do not cry for me or sing those silly sad songs for I am not gone I am with you each new dawn.
I walk beside you with each step you take of every day.
So remember next time you look up at the stares and think of me I have not left you.
I am with you each new dawn as sure as the sun raises every morning I will never ever leave you.
I am not gone.



this poem made me cry it takes me back to a time with my dad long ago


love it

Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful and expressive! Keep writing and sharing! 

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