The Cycle of Roses Are Red


Spaghetti Works
United States

Roses are red,

Violets are blue.

"I want to grow up, Mommy,

And be just like you."


Roses are red

Turns into vodka is blue.

"Mom get away, what are you doing,

I'm not a baby, I hate you!"


Vodka is blue,

Turns into diapers are white.

"I don't need your help Mom,

I'm doing alright."


Diapers are white,

Turns into school buses are yellow.

"Mom how'd you do it,

When I watch her go, my legs turn to Jell-O.."


School buses are yellow,

Turns into footballs are brown.

"Mom we don't have time,

We have a game out of town."


Footballs are brown,

Turns into hospitals are tan.

"Hang in there Mom,

You can get through this, I know you can."


Hospitals are tan

Turns back into roses are red.

"Mom, I need you back,

I left so many things unsaid."


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