The Cycle


Some people dont deserve the life they live

meet tanya 

shes thirty-six, with three grown kids

saby fathers absent

claimed that they aint his

so he up and left for his next mistress

Later, tanya has no job so the kids is working

no money for college 

limited business searching

so tanya makes plans to be a dancer

started smoking ciggarettes to lose the weight

No progress so shes tries a box a day

started coughing up blood within the first month

kids saved for her check up


Tanya never got to the appiontment, never got to be a dancer

Cause within that month she developed lung cancer\


Meet Chad,

Known to be a pimp and have endless swag

just messing with women he aint trying to be a dad

taking kids to school

wheres the fun in that

but chad meets tanya and they start to go out

things start to get serious

she starts to but her hands down

saying "all this swag is childish, you have to be a man now"

he agrees, just so she can pull her pants down

in 10 years they have about 3 kids, 

hes paying for their food, clothes, the light and the rent

Hes saying its not his fault, she shouldnt of let em hit

So he leaves her and the kids for her bestfriend

see he never loved her

the whole relationship he was a cheater 

heard "i love you daddy" but he didnt care for them ether

so he felt no remorse to up and leave her


Meet Brandon, 

hes living in a world of anger

so angry that his mom let his father change her

shes gone and all he got is his sisters

hes hardheaded and solid but inside adimts that he misses her

he says he wont become the "man" his father was 

but he started cursing, drinking and using drugs

to him hes a man now

no need no help from above

if he helped hed be with the one that he loves, 

his mom

25 years old and still so lost

in the streets talk is cheap but the actions leave scars

the only thing keeping him is his two younger siblings

if not hed probably rob and make a killing

bone chilling images pop-up in his mind

when they were children his mom would wake his up with a smile

he calms down

figure that he take a break from selling and head on to the gas station

there he meets a woman named helen in the back pacing

contemplating if he should start, he does and they kick it off


Two years later helen turns out to be pregnant,

only problem is brandon is still selling

she says he has to stop but he just wont listen to it

she says hes all shes got but to him this is something he has to do and

he exits thier living room

hits the corner with weed and a few shrooms

He sees a black jeep rolling down the street, 

only thing is two men jump out from the back seat, 

before he could run his head is smahed to the pavement

he waits a few days in jail to get his sentence

5 years

meet Helen....






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