The Creepy Crawlies


You feel it coming,

You always do.

The creepy crawlies are coming for you.



They itch, you scratch,

They crawl and they crawl and they crawl,

All across your back.


Like venom in your veins,

They crawl throughout you,

Tip-toeing across your brain.


Your nerves twitch as they run,

They run and they run and they run,

Up and down your back.


They’re coming for you,

Can’t you tell?


They giggle and they laugh,

As you squirm and you scratch,

For the creepy crawlies are back,

Yet again.

The creepy crawlies are back.


They don’t drown,

They don’t fall,

They don’t fade much at all!


Blood trickles down,

They ride it on out,

For the creepy crawlies are bored, you see?

The creepy crawlies get bored!


Down the bloody drain they go,

As your torment subsides,

You rock and you cry,

Pushing tears from your eyes.


You cannot see them,

Whenever you try,

Nothing to be caught by your tear-stained eye.


But the creepy crawlies are gone, you see?


When you look,

The creepy crawlies have gone.



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