A Creeper Poem

  Eyes dark. The Joker’s grin,bares yellow teeth.Hair,Looks as if rubbed chicken skin was rubbed upon itHunk? Not in the least.Beef cake, yeah, thats it.Nose,Takes up the entirety of the mess that is your face...But it works man,Somehow.  I watch you head held high.too high  what you have not confidencebut arrogance   arrogance:the colossal plant stemming from the puny seed of insecurity   But why?Perhaps your mom abandoned the family for a drug,meth?Maybe you are looking after your younger siblings,the job your parents could not complete. Or perchance, simply a falling out with the girl of your dreams  Whatever the root,I see it. The unrelenting demon that is pain,it courses through your blood and boneshaunting your every thought. 

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