Coward. (Maybe)


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You’re on the edge and about to jump
Or you’ll go for the gun
The rope looks like the one
The drugs look the most fun
Because they called you dumb?
Called you a bum?
Pushed you around some?
Made you feel like scum?
But what about your Mom and Dad?
Ain’t they gonna be sad?
All this, ‘cause you’re mad?
Think for a tad.
Will happen when the cops knock
On your door around the block
To question Mom and Pop?
To break the news at 8 O’Clock?
Will they crumble down in shock?

But Maybe
You’re a coward.
Too scared to go on.
So many years left to devour.
I think you’re wrong.
All they said was true.
All the terrible stuff they did to you.
You’re too weak.
Your future looked bleak.
You should be strong
Move along
You should face your peers
Show them you’ve no fear
You are more than they say you are
The next big thing doing something great
You can be driving the finest cars
While they watch in awe of you, mate.
It’s time to be your best
Withstand the hellish test

So maybe
While you’re on the edge
Don’t jump, but instead
Look down on the world
Close your eyes and unfurl
Take the wind into your lungs
Let it all out with words off your tongue
“You are my oyster, world;
And I am your shining pearl!”
Then step back from that place
Put the gun back in the case
Use the rope for your dog’s leash
And trust me, you’ll be at peace.

Remember this like we remember Lincoln and Booth,
But it's the complete truth,
The brave one trumps
A coward jumps.

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