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Counseling done before a live audience can never escape from being entertainment, which is sad that it has come down to those levels. Maury, is the worst of those shows.
“It gets better” A phrase i heard a lot From people who didn’t know what else to say Or who haven’t the experience for advice. A phrase that felt like an excuse
Affix a smile and they’ll think that you’re okay. Maybe she won’t flip out, go crazy on you today. And should you express a feeling- then you forgot your meds. Go on and take your pills. Cure what ails your head.
Eyes that fall upon me- Their weight pushing me to the ground Eyes becoming steely hands, now tightening their grip around my neck. Stolen breath, I can't make a sound. I'm here for my appointment; yet, nowhere am I found.
what an ocean created by emotionsfears, wantsneedsmixed all togetherunable to see or pick outwhich belongs to which fishswimming alongas if nothing is wrongwhat a foresta jungle
you hate things about yourself you don’t like photos you feel weak and unloved and uncared for
I don't promise insight, so take this vulnerability There's something ugly in mistakes and I am going to let them see on purpose. They're nervous for bad anecdotal jokes and blank notes, rote comfort buy the hour.
My life if full of awe Never would I think to withdrawl.
I’ve seen the promising become promise-less, helpless, useless   A straight A student taking a straight edge razor to prescription pills To heal the hell until she fell Drowning neck high in alcohol  
Anastasia LeBlanc     Fuck Everything? Fuck this.
Down to the depths I fell. I saw the evil, heard the evil, and spoke evil. The world was evil, life was evil.   I was dying, slowly. I needed help, When I spoke to you I found the light.
I hold within my brain incredible power, The power to hurt, the power to learn,
I could tell you a secret, But it's locked inside. I could dig in and reach it, If I dismantled my pride. I really want to tell you, But you're in a different state of mind.
Blade to skin, my wicked sin My vision dims, the rush begins. Hidden reminders of my pain, Red teardrops stream down like rain. Winding lines across my wrist My flirtation with Deaths kiss.
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