Compare Others to Myself

Sun, 04/14/2019 - 00:00 -- gabbs02

There came a point last year when I realized I've grown;

I wasn't the same person that walked through the front doors freshman year;

It was as if the narative of my life had taken a different tone;

Because my purpose in life became clear.


In such a prestigous school I was nothing but second-rate;

Where only 3 months prior I was at the top of my eigth grade class;

I studied until I couldn't see straight;

And at some point I didnt think I would pass.


Somehow I kept my head above water;

And I had proven to myself that I was capable of doing it all;

I was more than an immigrants daughter;

And I will make it to the top even if it meant a brawl.


I will no longer compare yours truly;

To others so cruelly. 



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