Coded Hue

In this garden aren't we all beautiful

Why should it matter if I am a tulip

Or a rose, a dandelion, sunflower

Why should landscapers be able to choose what flower to prune

Determining which flower’s thorns are more dangerous

Without examining its complexity

Not its entire shaft

But instead the pigments of the hue, falsely judging the roots they can’t even see


Shouldn't this Tulip be able to beautify the garden

Along with the roses and dandelions

Why should either one have to prove their honor

Prove that their beauty matters


It shouldn't be “I am a Rose,  I am beautiful

But “I am a flower and We are beautiful”


And united all flowers should be

Not letting landscapers win

Picking and choosing who should stay

Have us picking and choosing who's beauty is more


I am a tulip,

Yes, I am beautiful

But so is my fellow rose, my fellow waterlily, my fellow sunflower


I wish we were hueless and shapeless

So you can see

That there's no difference landscapers

We are all flowers

Beautifying a garden that's as diverse as it can be


But how can I expect you to see

When even the flowers are blinded by hue-manity

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world
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