A Cloud's Life

All clouds are only water and air

Beyond my mind, I am blank

Circling thoughts are mere casualties

Dust fills my lungs and dances

Everlasting ideas create a gentle emptiness

Floating in the sky, I am stripped of fear

Gaping holes have grown

Hope within me whispers and haunts

It does not seem to settle in

Judging me throughout my journey,

Keeping secrets I should have known

Leisurely, I drift past glimmers of light

My intuition tells me, this I shouldn’t miss

Near the horizon rises a nebula

Oceans of dreams scattered in the ozone

Possibilities appear and I can never be prepared

Quickly, I am stripped of apathy and my mind quiets

Rare courage forms inside of me, I am ready

Shadows flee and nightmares drown beneath the surface

Trembling fingers grasp illusions, now tangible

Under stars, my joy is uncontrollable

Valuable gems sway with a life that is visible

Wisdom is now an open domain within

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Our world
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