Close Your Ears, Kids


It’s time we change, isn’t it?

                The twisted, insolent body politic of society we so invariably call, “we.”

The body politic so obsessed with sex that we sell it to mere children,

                Aged nine and already learning how to “lick it like a lolly pop.”

The body politic so obsessed with appearance that we drive men and women to become disease ridden to fit the image.

                That model you see on TV is dying, puking blood backstage as if it was normal.

                                That porn star you see being beaten thinks it’s what she deserves.

They don’t love their jobs.

Where the fuck did we go so wrong that we started selling handouts of cynicism and depravity on street corners?

                Remember your place kid.

                                Don’t get lost in the world kid.

                                                Don’t try and change where you were put in the life kid.

                                                                You’re nothing more than your past kid.

Get lost.

The body politic no longer owns us.

                The body politic no longer controls us.

Let’s change that.


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