the clock on my watch on my wrist,

Every time I look to my watch, on my wrist,

I see the scars that remind me of my past,

The cuts that haunt my dreams,

The memories that will forever be there,

Reminding me that all I was in life is an failure,

That's all il ever be,

That's what everyone wants me to be,

I look into my heart,

And find empty remains of dust and broken romance,

My heart will forever lie open,

Along with my pride,

Lost in my own world,

I stand close to the edge,

Tipping my toes over leaning in,

No one to catch me,

Just those behind me,

Calling me names,

They say,

I'm retarded,




Dough bag,

Dip shit,


I stand there as they temp me,

Wasn't until I realized,

I jumped off years ago,

All I am now is a corpse,

But il jump again,

Hoping this time,

The fall will kill me,

I wish to be gone,

So I no longer have to be a burden,

To be a waste of time,

I'm tired of the comments,

I'm tired of the teachers,

Just waiting for me to mess up once,

To rid of me from there schools,

I guess this is just me,

Saying my final goodbyes.


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i may not know you 

but your scars are enough

please just wait,    don't leave 

people like me neeed people like you

your not a corpse though you may feel like it

it will get better i swear 

and don't say i don't know that because i do

it's getting better for me and it will get better for you

so please nothing is over until you end it

the devil wants you to give in. 



Dameon Farris

You are so true,

i trully do believe in you,

the support you give me,

is just so kind hearted,

and makes me smile, 

my heart continues to beat,

and my day has brightened,

thanks to you,

i wish you the best,

for I have to go,

but il be back,

tomarrow not a moment to seen,

just rememeber this,

il catch ya on the flip side of things,

also never forget the word,

banana bottoms, 

XD XP lol catch ya later!

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