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Money is given not earned, Dumpsters serve as restaurants, Fountains as bathtubs, Shoes are their tires, Makeshift shelters as home, No family but fellow brethren, And no dept because most already paid.
About 12 o'clock, town square was packed, I was workin' up a hunger for a pickin' that day, had nothin' better goin' on anyway, so I open up my case and I seed the pot,
Cannibals Clubbing Hellos Hoboing Tells Troubling Cannibals  Clubbing Humans Hammering Grosses Gnawing Cannibals Chewing Bloods Bleeding Life Leaving Cannibals Chewing
There go circus man doin' that old clownin' pose. There go hobo man tryin' on that red foam nose. There go circus man hangin' with them trapeze girls. There go big top man off to take him in that world.
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