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Darling, you love me And yet, I love you more My angel, you like me And, but I like you more.
Racing down the court, the score is 12 to 10. I steal the ball from red, and pass to my teammate Ben. “Shoot a three, and we’ll take home a win,” I shout.
I woke up in a cold sweat I rustled and tussled and fret For I knew today Would be the day I had to go bowling. It had been my biggest fear For the better half of a year
a day a month a year thats how long they've known each other  it started in deep winter  it was still an adventure  they never spoke about the future  they never spoke about the kids
Once a upon a time, There was a girl named Cinderella who was poor. Her cruel stepsisters and stepmother Made her do all the chores.  
waltzing, with clarity, with passion the body moves how the voice knows not to speak with one’s feet paints a most vibrant picture of the soul   reach out, extend the arms a welcoming embrace
Buzzing bees and blooming trees have everyone aglow. Sunny, cloudless skies give rise to warmer days, I know. Singing birds, and pretty words about newly grassy greens, Petals abud and puddles of mud
When the days are long, and I'm feeling blue, all I need is a ball and hoop to put it through. The sound of the swish does bring such pleasure. Plaing ball is finding hidden treasure.
My love for Football is so great,Practicing for my next game 'til the dusk of day.The night starts and the game's away,tackle, sprint  'til the end of the night.    
I like to see the snow fall
Our breaths hang in the air, eyes fixed on the server who has his body poised subjugated beneath the suspended ball
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