The children of today know of only technology made by the hands of a men working for them, while the children of back then knew of planets that no men touched as they only dreamed of greatness.

The children of today see the blood and stand as our men fight for the right to walk, while the children of back then saw the blood and knew that the great fight had only just begun.

The Great War gave the children of today armor that they did not know they possessed while the children of back then only had the shirts on their backs to protect themselves from gunshots that scraped their hands as they ran away from men with the armor of twenty of them.

The children of today are developed into a society of the unknown collapse in life, while the children of back then knew what it was like to run free.

Don’t blame the children of today for not being able to stop the children of yesterday’s actions, for the children of today are lost in a society of sorrow and debt



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