So I've never been one for these poems and things

Writitng has never been a strong suit of mine

But I'm sick of holding back

Being the big kid, the smart kid, the one my parents never worried about

The one who always made the smart desicions

The good kid

I'm not a kid anymore, but nothing has changed

Here I sit, in college, "on my own"

But I can't be on my own

Not when every desicion that I make brings my mom and dad into my head

Telling me even now what to do

I can't live my own life, even now that I'm "on my own"

Because they are back there, shaming me

For making desicions that have nothing to do with them

They aren't my desisions, they're theirs

A mental umbilical cord made of chains that even as an adult I cannot break

This poem is about: 
My family


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