What people fail to see is the chance to be free,

The power to be more, the chance to open doors.

Like a locked cage inside where the pain won’t subside,

A voice from within saying, “you can’t win”.

So, you add another lock, enforce it by adding rocks.

Your cage gets tighter, all you have left is a weak flame from a lighter.

If only it would burn a little brighter,

Remind you that you’re a fighter.

In the middle of the darkness, lost in the harshness,

Overcome by the weight, another burden you can’t take.

Something within says, “move”

And compelled you jump to.

You will get out if it’s the last thing you ever do.

You bang on the door and your cage falls to the floor.

Entrapment was an illusion,

A product of your delusion.

Freedom is all around,

We just have to seek until it is found.



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