Brown Skin

Brown skin like the deepest of mahogany,have the deepest of souls but it's a shame that they don't know ...just how much there worth.
They've succumbed and let the world get the best of them then let the ghetto have the rest of them.
Every little mans dream is to be like the rappers but what they don't know is that most of these rappers possess qualities of a khafer.
They don't take what the world gives them and try and make it their own,they become carbon copies, virtually clones.
Dark brown skin,deepest of mahogany.
Remember where you've been, remember what you've seen, don't smear your reputation cus it's not easily cleaned.
Dark brown skin,deepest of mahogany.
We come from kings and queens, and kings who adore their queens with the finest of things.
But dark brown skin,deepest of mahogany
Somewhere along the way we've been lost, were suffering and sons and daughters are paying the cost.


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