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Capture my eyes with the beauty of your hands - How they measured out the seas and sent them to sands, How they formed galaxies just for my wonder; Capture my eyes with lighning and thunder.  
                                             took control                                            it took it's toll                     on you and everyone around                       with bloody fists you pound 
Trees and brush Have captured me As you can see!               10 word only picture prompt!
Brittle, Brittle, little scribble. Cookies, crumbs and a child's thumb. Big pots, small lots. Dancing tigers, spinning chairs. Crawling, chewing, emotions spewing. Broken anger, dazed stairs.
A woman's bare white legs, Cut off just above the knee, The shine of her patent heels, the allure Of the unseen. A telephone-- The old-fashioned kind-- Dropped in from the top edge of the frame.
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