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          I have so much to do and so much to say And I know that if I was able to remove that one thing from my chest that one thing that keeps the light in
Is it really about us? What is the point? I'm just One Life. One soul. Who says it is about me? Who is the One that says? Life may be nothing more than a breath of days and nights.
Hi Annie Hi my name I am unique and very passionate about God I'm very bright in all I do I learn about love at the age 16 . love is God Love makes peace Love is truth Love is bright
Judgement on this world Society truth. Hatred. suffering the Lies
Did you know that if you stop and look,Open your eyes and take in the sight,That everything comes to light?The darkness,The loss,The despair,Loneliness.
If I could change one little thing in this world, I would change my own heart.  To be truly unselfish, To care about others no matter what. After all, everything in this world
When I fell, someone told me I was supposed to be there, I shook my head in disagreement 'cause I knew that wouldn't be fair. Until I fell again, and I wrapped myself in disappointment, I couldn't prove them wrong, I couldn't omit my opponent.
Some people aren't as lucky as we are.To be able to drive around in fancy cars,and to be able to have a place called home...only few have things they can call their own.
One twinkle in the sky of stars.One lily in the field of flowers.One note in the melody of your favorite song.One digit in the infinite number Pi.One ant in the colony of ants.One flounder in the school of fish.
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