bad teacher

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I think a thought that's full of things,
Tenure gives you no right...,
The homework papper cuts us dry, sitting in your office to hear you cry. guess nobody wore cloths today, i did'nt join in, they called me gay. kids ask me "you got somthin to say?",
Math teacher, oh math teacher, why are you blue? Is it because someone bullied you? 
Why are you being so mean to him? He can't help it. he just never learned. You pick on him in the middle of class, In front of everyone . How do you think that makes him feel?
When you open your mouth, I dream of throwing a show at your face. When you speak, I see you falling off a building. Your red hair looks like a bird's nest in the firery pits of Hell.
I'm not just a number,  I sit here and wonder, Does my teacher even know my full name? I don't care about your personal problems. I'm having high school problems with a teacher who thinks I'm a grade.
(*This is read as a haiku*) I walk into class. Oh no, not this bitch again. Ms? Please burn in hell.
When I was in eleventh grade, I had an English teacher who made me want to be a teacher... because she was so useless that I didn’t learn nothing from her.   Well, I guess that’s not exactly
Vulnerability drips like water over your frantic orifice, Mindless mice in se ar ch of governing beings that display little attentiveness,  In no performance will the oppressed cower at the back of worded bars,
Guess what? To be a teacher, You need to know what you're doing. Don't ask the class "Wait is the right?" Everyday.
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