Boxing Day

Early dawn in the bed when you cried out for your mother

And you choked on your tears as they rolled you down the stairs

They said by god’s grace but it was really just a stretcher and sirens

To the final house before you go home for good


Passing cars light a prayer outside of your sterling window

And in the hallway white coats whisper, “we did all we could”


Now I smell disinfectant as they lay down a new crisp paper

The nurse humming Sweet Chariot wipes your sad spirit away

Hail to a better place, but you didn’t believe and now I’m broken

Shoes pass this way as I stare at a stain on the tile


The moon grabs through the leaves, reminds me of when I was happy

God laughs and throws tantrums all while keeping these moments on file


This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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