born to be free

If I had the power to change only one thing

I would know the answer without having to think

I would stop all the innocent from being slaughtered

Their blood staining the world with red

Too many pure souls have been killed paying an unknown price

The amount too much too count like a grain in a full bag of rice

I often wonder when I watch the news

The sad stories giving me the blues

For what reason do these people die

Sometimes for stupid reasons and sometimes I don’t know why

Young black men walking down the street with their pants hung low

Shoot by a cop when reaching into his pants for a piece of gum who didn’t know

That was the price if you look like your about to kill

Shoot down by a piece of steel

Or a young white boy peacefully protesting

He is against the entire practice of harmful animal testing

He is silenced when he finds out too much

The protest sign still in his clutch

The young Latino teen that is doing good in school

He tries to follow all the rules

But because he lives in a bad neighborhood

Against all odds he had to stood

Against all things that are going against him and graduate top of his class

But to everyone else he is just one in a mass

He gets shoot down when he walks home to school one day

Making his mother tear stain the potters clay

Mixed in a drug fight while trying to break free

While drugs rule over with tyranny

The little Asian girl making the iPhone to feed her family never stood a chance

The glass was to thin the glass was to fast

I speak for all the innocent that have been killed recklessly

The one who never truly got the chance to be free


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

inspiring msg

this is essential to spread the importance of equality and not racial profiling

great job

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