The Book

The beginning of the end of our childhood.

The first semester of the last year.

So many endings.

like reading the last book of a series

after each chapter, wanting to reread it

so the story never ends.

But life isn’t a book.

We can’t keep rereading the last chapters.

The last band camp, the last dance recital, the last homecoming.

Only having memories of it

but having to convince yourself that the next one will be even better.

But if we spend too much time trying to reread the last book

always wishing we were still on the last chapter

we’ll miss the chance to read the first new book in a new series.

The end of the beginning.

The last year of the first part of our lives.

Like anticipating the first book in a new series

wanting to read faster and find out what happens

so we can see the story unfold.

But life isn’t a book.

we can’t skip ahead to the first chapters of this first book.

The first acceptance letter, the first day on campus, the first college class

only having hopes

and having to wait in anticipation as the events unfold slowly.

But if we try too hard to read the new book quickly

always anticipating the next chapter.

The first book will become the last again before we have time to enjoy the story.


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