Seeing Nature acknowledge me
through a kingfishers eyes
Warming around a bird nest of
mockingbird fledglings
When I stare at them from outside
a window, does what
dipping fingers in a
holy water font does to the
penitent catholic.
It is beyond what words can do
in their everyday usage
Bookbindings are clipped
songbird wings they took me
just to where the couch ends
and the window begins
Sociological ideas cannot
be transferred into life without taking
to the air on wings, they acquired
juvenile bird feathers and now
must molt to meet the conditions
of their environment.
Bird guides are the bibles of
Nature, but they are never complete, without
also spending time outdoors
in the company of cormorants
guarding the rock that it's found
itself standing on. Holding out it's two wings to
dry in the august sun
Spraying jets of white excrement into
the lake, expanding the size
of it's throat like a helium filled
Where will you find all that?
Audubons beloved bird paintings? The ones you know from
your time as a child at the Woodstock Inn in Vermont.
These behaviors are specific to
your experience now. These behaviors
are unique to the timing of day
you saw them. Your retellings of your birdsightings
will not live by the merits of others sightings.
Oh these experiences of life are like
bird specimens once leisure goes with the sun.
But they will soon return again for you.
The work of all of Gods creatures makes
them see everything with an outer glow
their harvests their catches.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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