Beware Of The Monster Within

Everyone run, the monster is coming. 

With hair of fiery orange, eyes of dark, cold blue, souls laid upon her skin like trophies. 

Beware for she may try to come into your life, and she'll leave a mark because she always leaves a mark. 

She will love you like no one else. 

She will kiss your wounds. 

She will tuck you in and kiss you good night. 

Then, as you kiss her goodbye, tears will fall from her eyes. 

You will never be able to get her off your mind. 

But still you will leave her, like everyone else. 

And then you, like all of them, will be mad when she says her final goodbye. 

Because she knows, she knows you will love her, then tire of her, then leave.

They all leave. 

And I die, a little bit, every time. 

Because everyone beware the monster within, he chokes me. He'll get you too. 

He will choke you with my beauty, my smarts, my kindness. 

He will choke you with goodbye. 

Please don't go. 

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