Because I Love You: I am here

Everyday brings more and more trouble. Your words inspire fear and tears. But because I love you, I am here.

When you tell me these things, my heart breaks and my soul crubles under the pressure. Because I love me, I am here.

Without you my life would fall apart, oceans crash upon me, buildings cumble, even I meet my end. Because I can love, I am here.

Your words have so much power. I bring you home and try to fix you, I take you in, I feed you, I cry with you, I support you, I am always here.


But because you hate you, I am insignificant.


You take me for granted, use me for yourself. I am nothing more than a provider of love. I love you but I can't be here.

At night you say your goodbyes, and I try so hard, but I know that my words mean nothing. I love you, and I am here.


How much longer must I stay here?

How much longer will my love be the only thing holding you together?

How much longer will I sacrifice myself for your sake?

How much longer can I hold on for you?

How much longer can I be here?


But. Because I love you, I am here.

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