What is beauty?

A number on the scale

The size of your jeans

A smile on your face

Or something in between?


I see beauty in pain

The dark and the light

The way a face looks with a bright smile 

Or the way eyes shine after they cry


I see beauty in memories

Driving down the street in fast cars

Or straight faded scars

Put there by your own hand

Both demand to be felt


There is beauty in new starts

Sunrises and starting over

New year and a new you

Scars fade as the past fades away


Beauty is more than a number

A size made up to make you cry

Or a pain so deep you just want to die

Beauty is in the dark 

and in the light. New starts and "I love you"s

long hugs and summer nights

There is beauty everywhere if you learn to look 

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So true beauty doesn't have a standard it is only natural beauty that truly matter keep up your amazinmg writing

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