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Hail youth of bloom, sweet and good 

from excellent thrones of nutritive sensitivity 

Food of spirits, drink of souls and yearn of mortals 

Hearts and Art gaits round rational dreaming clocks

Each toss transcends truths around the Amaryllis

The beauty of things, the taste of pleasure.


Sweet cherry blossoms 

Sail Sky’s seas and walk Earth’s heathers 

Life, romance, and attraction

one with pollinators and lovers in spring

set each drop, a feather of angels 

dripping laughing fragrances 

and a future tender and sweet. 


where Touch transforms nature's plum

Lovely perfumes and cosmetics promenade rich sophistication 

arrive as Unnumbered heavens cresting their genders 

within the grace of desires and purity of love 

And Art's sweet nature creates a sense of squeamishness 

Long for power, devotion.


and fortune 

In Eternal love of weaving virtues

birth Beauty once more walking white in wheeling space 

Once more in Piety’s bliss, Sunshine weaves spirits 

to witness Love rain in Moon’s watchfulness 

in sweeping intoxication, searching for heart’s seas

Where eyes radiate jewels of charms, songs, and force.

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