Beast in the Hydrangeas

Beast in the Hydrangeas


There was a grand estate in the east.This is where a maiden once turned into a beast.A maiden whose beauty was both envied and admired by all. 
Her beauty was complimented by the violets and hydrangeas
That grew in her garden. Enriched from spoiled vanity.


This is where it began.  Her name was Rin, a noble lady with poisonous purple hair.
The wealth she possessed did not satisfy her needs.
She preferred the praise and jealousy that generated from her staff and peers.
There was never a time for modesty. Rin never took time off her narcissistic, high chair.This was undoubtedly clear.


Until that fateful, rainy night.


A fairy had burst through the doors. A floral one whose drenched moss hairAnd lotus pink dress were stunning to mortals.
"I beg pardon for this intrusion.This rain has been awful.It pushed me all across the forest to your estate. I wish to stay just one night.Just until I can warm up and fly across the air."


What happens next was something crucial.   
Despite her welcoming staff, Rin refused.The fairy's plead was overlooked.Rin was short-sighted by her envy of this unexpected visitor. The fairy even made an offer to Rin. Nature's blessing that's worth more than her looks. 
Rin laughed and ridiculed the fairy and her offer. "You think I need nature's blessings?I am the very embodiment of it!"


By all means, do not take nature for granted or a drenched fairy lightly.
 At first, the fairy was sad. Rejection hurts. 
Then, rage swelled up inside of her. As tears of blue paint flowed, her face became contempt with thorns. 
Rin's estate shook. The doors slammed and locked everyone in.
The staff became afraid of Rin's angered guest.The floral fairy flew up to Rin. Her vanity would cost her and the staff dearly. It didn't matter for the fairy that she had been treated like dirt.  


Why did it come to this?


"I see your heart has nothing but selfish beauty. Yours is not worth the generosity of nature! For your foolish vanity, I shall doom you to life as a hideous beast!
Your curse will broken once your own beauty is outdone by love for another. No exceptions."
Rin cried and begged on her knees to be forgiven. She wasn't once the fairy started her transformation. 
Tapping her forehead, the fairy slowly twisted Rin and her staff.


How bad was it?


Rin shrieked fiercely. In place of her former beauty stood a beast.One with an eerie smile, scissors for hands, legs, and hair of a shaggy mutt.
She broke every mirror she happened across in her estate.Rin wept for herself and the innocent staff she cursed.
Her staff were in terrible condition. Their faces cracked like mirrors, glassy and chipped. 
Their bodies became rusting brass, copper, or china. A maid screamed "Where are my guts?!"


Why did the fairy punish Rin's staff?


"You are all cursed for having spoiled this 'princess' for far too long.
I do regret dragging you into this. Remind Rin what the consequence of untamed vanity is.
Help her find true love that conquers all curses," decreed the fairy. 
A grandpa clock in the corner eerily rang ding, dang, dong.


Rin had a deadline. What kind did the flowery fairy give her?


To motivate Rin, the fairy picked a single, violet hydrangea."Each petal will turn red every month.
Once it is completely red, enjoy your new life as a gargoyle" creepily sang the fairy.Through a shard of broken mirror, the fairy disappeared.A couple of years passed. Rin and her staff became isolated from the outside world.Rin lost hope for love. Her heart began filling with heavy regret.


How did this monster find love?
Destiny wove a path for love,
Marie was the girl to walk upon it.
A girl who bore burns on her right arm.She left her village behind for a new life.A life she hope would have less harm.


Who was she as a person?  
Marie was not terrible. Neither selfish nor greedy.
Her only flaw was denying the faith of her village.
For disobedience, Marie faced their wrath. She was branded a witch despite doing kind community service.Her punishment: her right hand subjected to a fiery, cleansing bath. 


Where did she hope to find salvation from this?
Beyond the lost forest in which she trekked.
She rested from dens to trees.On the way, she enjoyed nature's gifts.From time to time, Marie wept tears for her misfortunes. Her heart full of rifts. 


Why did she weep if she already left her village? Nobody helped her when she did.All Marie carried with her was food, water, and hope.She sometimes sang "Peace and Love" just to cope.After two bridges and a clearing, Marie saw something quite amazing.


What was it? Rin's large estate that had flowers galore.There were roads stretching in to welcome the parties.Marie went towards the estate. It was starting to get late. "I'll work if I have to. I don't mind at all. Nothing to do is such a bore."She really went into that accursed house?! She did walk up the steps and  entered through the hydrangea crested doors.
In the foyer, Marie made herself known,
"Hello. Anyone? I wish to be employed here. I've no home to return to". 
With clank and clump, the head maid emerged from a room. Her body made of china bone. 


Was Marie afraid?  
Noticing her fractured face, Marie fell back and let out a scream.The head maid, Amiga, was shocked too but also excited. 
It had been ages since a person had come. Maybe she's the one she thought.
She had that 'je ne sais quoi' charm.
"Welcome to our lovely estate. I'm Amiga, head maid in charge.I can't offer you a job because of this curse. Come, take my hand. No need for alarm." Taking her hand, Marie stood up. 
"What happened to you and the rest of the staff? Who is your master?"
"All in due time. Let's get you some grub. I'll talk with the chef to give you a bowl of soup.
Then, I'll spin the yarn of our master, Rin, whose vanity led to this disaster." 


Fresh from the pot, the brass chef poured Marie tomato soup. 
She didn't expect for this kind of treatment. Her heart became warm. Amiga treated her burned arm with tender, loving care.She broke out a joke and a piece of her face.Marie laughed a bit although with some restraint.


"It always wasn't like this" started the head maid, "Rin was usually well-behaved.Her parents were the lords of these lands.They spoiled their only daughter with wealth but mostly flattery.Death took them when that summer flood carried them away.Poor Rin never recovered from their demise. Her beauty-centered ego became her life's purpose. It's both admired and despised."


Amiga finished accounting the rest of Rin's tale to Marie.Shockingly, Rin barged into the room with explosive scream.With an intense glare, she growled to Marie,
"What are you doing here?! Here to see the beast in the hydrangeas?!"
"That's quite enough princess," Amiga spoke out, "This girl is already scarred as is."
The head maid placed herself in between the girls. "Stop being so scary!"


Showing her master, Amiga displayed Marie’s burn-ridden arm.
She was shocked at Marie's fiery scar.
While she was still mad, Rin merely huffed.
Despite her shaking, Marie came closer to Rin.
Gratefully readers, she was unharmed.


Rin lowered her hostility and took a step back.“Your village thought you were a monster? I know what that feels like.”After regaining composure, Marie moved towards Rin. She stared into Rin’s eyes, which were arched with hostility.However, she saw something sad in them as well. A little girl with purple hair, crying for what she had lost:
Her parents and her beauty.


"Let me in, Rin. I want to help you.
It's time to show you beauty that comes from within.
Show me your world here. It's lovely as you I can imagine. 
I feel beyond this vain beast and temper, you are something dear,"
Marie said gently.   
Rin saw a kindred spirit. A monster deemed by the world.She let Marie stay and showed her around.Marie's room was fixed near the garden grounds.Despite Rin's fearsome temper and selfish ego, Marie stayed strong. 


It's not easy to tame a beast you know.


Through the next seasons, the two developed a bond.Both had a love of flowers and breath-taking sights.They stood together once to admire the star lights.
Their bond became special, one beyond just words. 
It was love between these two girls. For the first time, Rin felt a ray of hope.She grew kinder, wiser, and a lot less vain.The servants noticed her efforts for Marie's affection.They thought Rin's gestures were cute and sometimes insane.Marie laughed. She was grateful for Rin's gifts especially her care.


Happiness drew closer for these two but one detail remains. 
I did not forget about the hydrangea that's still blooming red.
To be honest, it was nearly lit up that Rin forgot about time.Her new love was constantly on her mind. Marie thought about Rin just as badly. She never wanted to leave her side. Love is a happy and sometimes distracting thing, isn't it? 
Amiga, the head maid, gathered her staff.
"Our girls are in love," she started to cry,"There's much 
To be done. Let's give them a night with a feast and dance.
Our time is almost out. This curse may ruin true love's chance."


Amiga and her crew are sentimental romantics. Just like me and probably some of you.


It took a day for everyone to get ready.
Both girls were groomed for a special occasion.
Rin wore a sharp tux. Her father's old set.
Marie wore Rin's mother satin dress. It made Rin's heart unsteady.
Seriously, Marie looked hot in it!


After dinner and a soft, slow dance,
The two girls embraced one another and shared such a deep glance.
The moon shone brightly. It was smiling with pride.The girls' hearts merged together.Amiga and her servants cheered from the sides. 
“I love you, Rin. Thank you for bringing me such love so bright."
"I'm the one who should be thanking you, Marie.For the you are the beauty that I've been searching for.You are my love and my light.”
When the two locked lips, the hydrangea bloomed red.
Rin turned to stone. Her servants became mirrors.Marie stood with fright. She departed from her kiss.She wept for Rin's fate and hugged her with all her might.


How did Rin, once so vain find love?
Well, the answer my readers, is here.
The floral fairy witnessed this kiss and undid the curse.
“Marie, thank you for this. You gave Rin the most beautiful insight:
To love yourself is not enough. To love another is powerful, my dear.For true love, is what lifts all curses to make things just and right.”
Rin flew high, engulfed in pillar of light. She starting floating down on a blanket of petals.Then, Rin laid free from her curse. She was on the ground. The servants' were freed too. They were safe and sound. 
Marie swooped Rin up and hugged her tight. 


The flower fairy cried and left the room.Her heart was lifted from the guilt she carried. She never wanted give them eternal suffering.
It was time to go home she thought. Her mission was through.


Let's enjoy the finale together.A wedding was thrown in honor of Rin and Marie.Rin couldn't be more happier and proud of her wife.
She taught Rin beauty, that comes from within.
Marie found her new chance in life, with true love to boot.Together, they found beauty, love, and lived happily ever after.


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