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The dark encompasses the old withered bark
The branches weep, its sap seeps from between cracks
To climb the tree, she gathers her wits
But they have burrowed themselves
Deep into the soil that is packed
No plant has been sprouted there for years


Tears roll down the river
And wash away with every sweep of a hand
They disappear down an unknown path
A path that has yet been traveled

Boot prints have been left behind
As a sign of the struggle
The struggle that has taken those people
The people that have decided to try only later to give in

The intense sting of the bee has struck close to home
Her heart beats slowly, no where left to go
Light starts to blur into dark
And her sight has failed her
There is no one there, no one to hold her hand
As her skin swells and her eyes blink for the last time
She cries out for help and gets a song birds reply

The music from its beak sways in the breeze
Her breathing evens out, she is ready
She is not alone anymore
She lets go and her soul escapes into the abyss of the river
The river that held her tears that she cried everyday
Those tears, climbing through the air that she breathed in with all her strength that she had
Between her sobs
The tears that collided with the old withered tree beneath the blissful sky
The tree that hides and hides those that need escaping

She lies underneath the tree, her body limp
Her hand rested against the hard packed ground
A flower starts to grow beneath her hand
And her soul escapes to that tree

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