Barnes & Noble

I don't think anyone understands how lonely and depressed I am.

I don't try to hurt myself in any way.

But I'm just so unhappy with life.


And it hurts to get up every day, acting like everything is ok.

I have no friends to talk/hang out with.

And I have no one in my family to hang out with either.


Right now I'm just looking at all these graduation pictures.

People having fun with their friends.

I went home after graduation and during graduation, no one talked to me.

Everyone was hugging and congratulating each other and I was just there…


…By myself…


Even in elementary and middle school.

Everyone would get invited to sleepover except for me.

I've always been left out, which made me feel alone my whole life.

It's just unfair.


*This is a text I sent to someone while sitting in back of a Barnes & Noble,

crying my eyes out for about 30 mins.*

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