Gradually gray transitioned to soft pink and lilac,

The clouds finally dispersing after everlasting months of bleakness.

The fingers of the sun stretched out sleepily, clumsily

Groggy after such a long slumber,

Wiping sleep from its eyes, giving sight to everything in the vicinity.

Stars winked across the sky, teasing the sun as he awakened,

Not yet strong enough to scold their trespassing.

The ground was already responding,



It was not expected, the vibrance or intensity,

The beauty or power so readily beheld,

Nor the way it encouraged life from even the most frail leaves,

Dead from the long absence.

The sun came to reign,

Allowing rain to twirl and leap in his presence,

Though he never relinquished his hold, his power, his warmth,

And together they created beauty.

Everywhere they went

Sprang up saplings and brilliant blooms.

Together, they had hope.

With his soft touch he made her cold destruction

Something wondrous, perfect

And she turned his boiling relentlessness

Into life giving warmth.

In a brilliant dance they weaved intricately,


In perfect harmony,

Set to the music of the wind rustling through leaves,

And the chirping birds

And the soft hum of the cicadas-

The music only they together could create.


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